Doc Word Counter

Counts the real number of words in any document format

Standard Words

Counts the number of real words in your document that you'd find in a dictionary


Counts the number of email addresses, bullets, numbers, codes, etc.


Chinese or Japanese words (one word per character - not per space)

Does "1)" really count as a word? Find out exactly how many real words are in your document.


Doc Word Counter supports all major document file formats used by all major word processing software in use today. Doc Word Counter is completely free to use, and requires no sign-up or installation. You can start counting your documents' words immediately!

About This Service

This service instantly counts and classifies the words of a given document, providing you with useful statistics about word counts, and an unambiguous breakdown of its contents.

Most tools provide misleading information about the number of actual words which can be found in a given document, and sometimes, knowing the actually number of words in document can be very important.

Why Do I Need A Word Counter?

Did you know that major word processing software products such as Microsoft Word, count bullets as words in its word counts? Essentially, any string of spaces is counted as a word, regardless of what text it surrounds, even “ / “!

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